Invalid argument in authentication request

Newbie991609 Posted 20 Mar 2024 19:35

Last edited by Newbie991609 20 Mar 2024 19:53.

Hi! I'm trying to authenticate using POST request, but got response "Invalid argument" and code 301.

I'm generating random int using "self.rand_int = randint(0, (1 << 32) - 1)", also I tried to use "2144632130" value, which I get in documentation, but nothing changed.

My code given below:

def get_token(self):
    rand_int = 2144632130
    api_address = f"https://{self.get_ip_address}:7443/sangforinter/v1/auth/party/login?verify=False"
    auth_string = hashlib.sha1(f"{rand_int}{self.get_password}sangfor3party{self.get_username}".encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
    data = {
            'rand': rand_int,
            'userName': self.get_username,
            'clientProduct': '',
            'clientVersion': '',
            'clientId': '',
            'desc': '',
            'auth': auth_string,
            'platformName': self.get_platform_name
    response = post(url=api_address, data=data, verify=False)
    return response.text

Any help would be very appriciated. Thanks in advance!

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Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 25 Mar 2024 09:18

To save time, I suggest reaching out to Sangfor support for further assistance.
mdamores Lv3Posted 26 Mar 2024 13:19

It is best to consult or contact Sangfor Support directly for immediate support and resolution of your concern
NCML985261 Lv2Posted 26 Mar 2024 13:47
Hey there,
For quick help and a fix to your issue, it's best to reach out to Sangfor Support directly.
Tayyab0101 Lv2Posted 26 Mar 2024 14:05
seems complex problem. please engage support.
CLELUQMAN Lv3Posted 26 Mar 2024 15:30
have u try chat gpt? i think u might need to get help from the support. because the chatgpt user also cannot give answer this time.
Enrico Vanzetto Lv3Posted 26 Mar 2024 15:47
HI, where are you trying to authenticate? Please add more details to this issue.
Zonger Lv4Posted 26 Mar 2024 19:09
You are trying to authenticate using a POST request with some authentication parameters, but you are encountering an "Invalid argument" response with a status code of 301. This error can be due to various reasons, such as incorrect data formatting, missing parameters, or server-side issues.
Newbie290036 Lv1Posted 26 Mar 2024 19:28
Please contact Sangfor Support Team for support
pmateus Lv2Posted 26 Mar 2024 20:11

To debug better this error, i sugest you to try using "Postman".

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