This article will help you quickly get familiar with the Sangfor Community.

Getting Started

How can I join the Sangfor Community?

Sangfor Community is free and open to everyone!

1.To sign in, simply visit the Sangfor Community site and click Register on the top right of the page. The Registration page displays then.

2.Choose to register via mobile phone or email that suits you best.

  • Register via mobile phone number:

  • Register via email:


Fill in all the fields, read the Terms of Use carefully and check if you agree to them. Click Register to complete.

Your Sangfor Account is created then. A username will be created randomly, you may click Me or Profile to edit your profile later.

Note: A verification link will be sent to your email address if you choose to register on Sangfor Community via email. Click that link to verify your account once you receive the email.

What can I do if I forget my password?

To retrieve your password:

1.Click Forgot Password at the bottom left of the Log In dialog box.

2.There are two ways for password retrieval: By mobile phone and by email.

3.Retrieve password by mobile phone.

  • Click Find Password to continue.
  • Enter the phone number you used when you registered on Sangfor Community.
  • Fill in the received one-time password after clicking Send OTP.
  • Fill in your new password and submit.

4.Retrieve password by email.

  • Click Find Password to continue.
  • Enter the email address you used when you registered on Sangfor Community.
  • A link will be sent to your email address to reset password, check your email inbox and click the link to reset password.

5.Your password is reset now.

How do I edit my profile?

1.Hover over the user icon on the top right of the navigation bar, and then select Profile.

2.There are four tabs on the Profile page: Basic, Account, Membership and Partnership.

In Basic tab, you may

  • Change your avatar by clicking Update Picture.
  • Edit your Username, Company, Industry, QQ, Skye, WhatsApp, Gender, Country, City, Street Address, and click Save to save all changes, or click Cancel to exit without saving the changes.

In Account tab, you may

  • Bind your Mobile Phone Number
  • Change your Email Address
  • Change your Password

In Membership tab, you may

  • Enter your Sangfor appliance Gateway ID or SN to become an authenticated member.

In Partnership tab, you may

  • Provide your mobile phone number for partner verification.

Note: All fields are optional.

Community Basics

What can I do in the Community?

Sangfor Community is a content-filled, self-service, technical support community.

Any guests and unregistered visitors can browse and search information on the community, while registered community members can post topics, comment on other members’ opinions, participate in discussions, find answers to questions, search for technical documents, offer suggestions, share experience and get notifications on topics and other community activities.

How can I post a topic?

There are four different types of topics on the community, question, sharing, suggestion and discussion topics. If you want to post a topic on the community, you may first type your topic in the Search field, a list of possible results displays as you are typing, and you might find that a similar topic has already been shared and answered by another member. If your topic is new to the community, you can navigate to the board that is related to your topic and create one. Other members will see your topic and share their own views.

1.Go to the desired board, click Post and select a desired topic type.

2.Type your ideas in the dialog box, and click Post to submit, or click Advanced to add more details.

3.On the Advanced page, you can compose your words, attach images, videos, and do more.

4.When you finish editing, click Create Topic.

How can I edit or delete my topic?

1.Open your topic in the forum and select Edit on the bottom right.

2.Edit it as per your need and click Save , or click Delete to delete the topic.

Note: You can only edit and delete your own topic.

How can I respond to a topic?

Open the desired topic, click Reply on the right side of the page, type your ideas in the comment box, and then click Submit to reply.

How can I share contents from the Community to other platforms?

Go to the page you want to share, click Share on the right side of the page, select the desired platform from those displayed, the page is shared automatically.

How can I find the document I need in the Community?

Go to Resources, filter the documents by selecting the product and document type, or type the document keyword in Search to find your desired document. If the desired document has not collected by Sangfor, you can click Give Feedback on the top right of the Resources page to leave us a message.


What does Favorite mean?

The Favorite icon displays on the top right of any topic page. If you are interested in this topic and want to get more opinions from other members, you can click Favorite to add this topic to your account to easily track the topic and review it at any time.

How can I view my messages?

The bell icon on the right side of the navigation bar turns orange and a number displays when a new message is received. You may click on the bell to view all messages.

On the message page, you can view topic and system messages, and you can also view the messages sent by other community members and chat with them by using the Private Chats function.

How can I communicate with other members in the Community?

1.You can reply to other members’ topics or write comments.

2.Hover over a username, and then select Follow to follow that member or select Message to start a private discussion.

What is the Point?

Sangfor Community adopts Point to show how much a member has contributed to the community. When a member posts a topic or comments on a post, 1 point will be awarded, another 5 points will be awarded if that topic is selected as featured post. All newly registered members will start with Level 1, and more privileges will be unlocked with higher account level.