Endpoint secure on Hyper-V

Rapid PC Lv1Posted 11 Mar 2024 21:26

Hello everybody, i've recently started to deploy the Sangfor Endpoint secure to all of my customer. I'm using the 3.7.12 OVA version, and it works without any problem on Vmware ESXI. But not all of my customer use vmware as virtualization environment, some use hyper-v, and i can't make it work here. I can successfully install it, it boot correctly but then there's no way for me to open the console webpage (on the default ip, even using other vm on the same subnet.
is it mandatory to utilize Vmware or HCI as virtualization?
Thanks in advance, have a nice day

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1000THR Lv1Posted 04 Apr 2024 15:36
Hi Rapid, what is the current network adapter configuration?
Probably it's set in NAT switch mode while the Endpoint Secure requires having a bridge network interface to communicate over the network.
I would also suggest comparing the Hyper-V VM network config with the ESXi network config as it could also be a problem of an unsupported NIC type due to missing drivers

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