NGAF High Availibility Behaviour

Adam Suhail Lv1Posted 08 Mar 2024 11:10

Hi, can someone explain on how the HA behaviour is occuring if HA is deploy in Active Standby also in Active - Active state.

Do i need to configure vrrp at switch side or vrrp is done at backend of sangfor NGAF after the configuration of HA at both primary and secondary device

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Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 03 Apr 2024 14:41
Active-Standby HA:

In Active-Standby HA, there are two NGAF devices:
  • Active node: Handles all traffic and management operations.
  • Standby node: Remains idle, synchronizing its configuration and data with the active node.

When the active node fails, the standby node automatically takes over and becomes the active node. The failover process is transparent to clients.

Active-Active HA:

In Active-Active HA, there are two NGAF devices that operate independently:
  • Node 1: Handles traffic from a specific set of clients.
  • Node 2: Handles traffic from a different set of clients.

Both nodes maintain their own configuration and data, and they do not synchronize with each other. This provides high availability and load balancing.

HA Behavior:

In both Active-Standby and Active-Active HA, the following behaviors occur:
  • Failover: If one node fails, the other node takes over without any interruption in service.
  • Load balancing: In Active-Active HA, traffic is distributed evenly between the two nodes.
  • Configuration synchronization: In Active-Standby HA, the standby node constantly synchronizes its configuration with the active node.
  • Data replication: In Active-Active HA, each node maintains its own data, which is not replicated to the other node.
  • Management: In Active-Standby HA, the active node handles all management operations. In Active-Active HA, both nodes can be managed independently.

Additional Considerations:

  • In Active-Standby HA, the standby node can be configured to take over automatically or manually.
  • In Active-Active HA, the load balancing algorithm can be configured to distribute traffic based on various factors, such as source IP address or application type.
  • Both Active-Standby and Active-Active HA require a shared storage device for configuration and data synchronization.

VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) is not configured on the switch side for Sangfor NGAF HA. VRRP is handled internally by the NGAF devices themselves.

When you configure HA on the primary and secondary NGAF devices, you specify the VRRP parameters, such as the virtual IP address and priority. The NGAF devices then automatically establish a VRRP relationship between them.

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