Online Webinar: IAM 12.0.18 Firmware Release

Sangfor Elsa Lv4Posted 25 Oct 2018 14:56

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October 31, 16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+08:00 Beijing Time)

Join us to learn more about the new IAM firmware 12.0.18, which will bring many new exciting features such as:
1. Centralized Troubleshooting Center for IT Administrators
2. Real-Time Bandwidth Visualization
3. “Zero-Touch Management” of All Branches  
4. Improved Security Protection with Neural-X & Engine Zero

This online training requires registration. Please use your First Name, Last Name & Email Address to sign up. Later, use those info & Event Password to join the training on the 31st October 2018.

* Event address for attendees:
* Event number: 188 793 088   
* Event password:  RwRvqpSM

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firdaus Lv1Posted 29 Oct 2018 12:10
good !
Rotring Lv1Posted 29 Oct 2018 23:24
Thank you