Sangfor NGAF WebGUI not wroking

Newbie295668 Lv1Posted 30 Nov 2023 22:32

I was doing a POC on Sangfor Firewall, it was all working, and one day when I was trying to log in web GUI is not working. The connection has timed out page is coming, tried connecting SSH and the console nothing works. Ping and telnet to 443 are working.

Tried the password text with the USB, but it is also not working. Any other solution anyone has, has anyone encountered this issue?  
AimanHakim Lv2Posted 01 Dec 2023 11:08
I've experienced this before, usually what I do is a simple reboot by turn on/off the power directly. Did you use a management port (direct connect) or connecting using normal ports interface? In the worst case scenario, it's better to contact sangfor support so they can remotely troubleshoot the firewall.
Newbie389955 Lv1Posted 04 Apr 2024 10:03
Hi, did you use the management port to access the GUI? if not, you can click the WEBUI in any eth port of the NGAF.