Configuration Guide# Per Port DHCP Configuration for Sangfor NGAF V8.0.47

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 02 Nov 2023 17:54

Product: NGAF
Version: 8.0.47
1. Introduction
1.1 Scenario
In a small Enterprise Network, configure the Sangfor NGAF as the DHCP Server and provide IPv4 addresses on all the endpoints on the network. Sangfor NGAF can serve as a DHCP Server without sacrificing its functionality because of its great hardware build and great performance.

1.2 Other Details
1) The VLANs (Virtual LANs) are VLAN10 ( 24) and VLAN20 ( 24).
2) Access Switches are directly connected to the Sangfor NGAF and configured as a trunk port
3) The port of the Access Switches where the endpoints were connected is configured as an access port
4) Desktops’ IP is assigned dynamically.

2. Configuration Guide
2.1 NGAF Configuration
Step 1. Configure the first interface (eth4).
Go to Network > DHCP > DHCP Options and click Add, as shown below:

Step 2. A new window will pop up when you click the Add Button. Then put the following details:
1) Service Type: DHCP Server
2) Name: DHCP_Vlan10
3) Description: DHCP for Vlan10
4) Interface: eth4
5) IP Range:
6) Netmask:
7) DHCP Gateway:
8) DNS Server: Specified
9) Preferred DNS:
Then click Save and Add
Step 3. Configure the second interface (eth5). Repeat Step 2 for VLAN 20.
1) Service Type: DHCP Server
2) Name: DHCP_Vlan20
3) Description: DHCP for Vlan20
4) Interface: eth5
5) IP Range:
6) Netmask:
7) DHCP Gateway:
8) DNS Server: Specified
9) Preferred DNS:
Then click Save.
Step 4. Verify if there were 2 DHCP Polls added as shown below:
Step 5. Verify if the devices can get a dynamic IP Address by issuing the ipconfig/all at the cmd.

3. Precaution
If the End Devices can’t get an IP address, please check the following:
     a. Check physical connection
     b. Verify the VLAN configuration configured on the access switches.

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