Configuration Guide# How to Configure Aggregated Interfaces for Sangfor NGAF V8.0.47

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 02 Nov 2023 17:40

Product: NGAF
Version: 8.0.47
1. Introduction
1.1 Scenario
In a real-world scenario, the connection between the Core Switch and the Firewall consists only of a single line. This leads to a single point of failure and when this connection fails, there will be a downtime on the internal network. To address this issue, we need to aggregate interfaces and in this article, the Sangfor NGAF will be configured to combine the two interfaces.

1.2 Benefits of Aggregated Interface
1) Increase Bandwidth
2) Load balancing
3) Redundancy and High Availability
4) Fault tolerance
5) Improve performance

2. Configuration Guide
2.1 NGAF Configuration
  • 1. The type of connection  between Sangfor NGAF and Core Switch is Layer 3
  • 2. The IP Address subnet used is
  • 3. The interfaces on the Sangfor NGAF that will used in aggregation are eth4 and eth5

Step 1.
Go to Network > Interfaces > Aggregate Interface and click Add, as shown below:

Step 2. A new window will pop up when you click the Add Button. Then put the following details:
  • Name: 1
  • Description: Aggregate Link to Core Switch
  • Type: Layer 3
  • Zone: LAN
  • Work Mode: Load balancing – RR
  • Select Member Interfaces: eth4 and eth5
  • IPV4
  • Static IP:
  • Next-Hop IP:
  • Allow: WEBUI, PING, SSH

Then click Save.


Step 3. Verify the newly created Aggregated Interfaces as shown below:

Step 4. Verify the connections between Core Switch and Sangfor NGAF
Ping: Core Switch to Sangfor NGAF


3. Other Details
1). The type can be Layer 2. It depends on the network
2). The work mode can also be active-passive and LACP.

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Very well explained
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This scenario was amazing and even it is very easy to understand via diagrams.