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Newbie184042 Lv1Posted 16 Oct 2023 12:49

I want to add "X-Forwarded-For" on the load balancer ADC. Please direct me to where I can add it.
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To add the "X-Forwarded-For" header on a load balancer Application Delivery Controller (ADC), you will need to access the ADC's configuration settings. The exact steps to add the header may vary depending on the specific ADC software or platform you are using. However, here is a general guide to help you locate where to add the "X-Forwarded-For" header:

Log in to the administration interface or management console of your ADC.
Navigate to the section or menu related to virtual servers, listeners, or HTTP profiles.
Locate the specific virtual server or listener where you want to add the "X-Forwarded-For" header.
Edit the settings for the virtual server or listener.
Look for an option that allows you to modify or configure HTTP headers or request/response settings.
Within the HTTP header settings, find the option to add custom headers or modify existing headers.
Add a new header with the name "X-Forwarded-For" (without quotes) and set its value to the appropriate client IP address or the desired value.
Save the changes to apply the new header configuration.
Test the load balancer to ensure that the "X-Forwarded-For" header is being added correctly.
Please note that the specific terminology, menu structure, and options may differ depending on the ADC software or platform you are using. It is recommended to refer to the documentation or user guide provided by the ADC vendor for detailed instructions on how to add custom headers like "X-Forwarded-For" on your specific ADC model or software version.
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Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 17 Oct 2023 17:40

Attached is the file "Get Client IP" for your reference.

Get Client IP.pdf (569.47 KB, Downloads: 457)
Adonis001 Lv3Posted 23 Oct 2023 11:04
1. Create a Wan Link
2. Add the Wan Link to IP group
3. Configure a node Pool
4. Add the IP Address of the Servers to the Node Pool
5. Create Acceleration Policy and enable get client option
6. Configure Virtual Services
mdamores Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2023 08:27
to add "X-Forwarded-For" on the load balancer ADC", you would typically follow these steps:

1. login to ADC's management interface either web-based or CLI
2. configure the settings for handling incoming traffic on a virtual server.
3. Configure the HTTP Profile configuration that allows you to customize how HTTP traffic is being handled. enable header insertion
4. enable and add the header "X-Forwarded-For"
5. specify the header name as "X-Forwarded-For and depending on the version, you may set the value to the client's IP address using predefined variables.
6. Apply and save the configuration changes.
7. Testing ang Monitoring
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 24 Oct 2023 11:31
1. Sign in to the ADC administration interface via the CLI or the web.
2. In a virtual server, setup the parameters for accepting incoming traffic.
3. Customize how HTTP traffic is handled by configuring the HTTP Profile setting. permit the insertion of headers
Noah19 Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2023 11:46
Unfortunately, I couldn't find specific information on adding the "X-Forwarded-For" header on Sangfor load balancer ADCs. The search results provided were not helpful in this context.
NeTSec Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2023 11:47
To add the "X-Forwarded-For" header on a Sangfor load balancer ADC, I recommend referring to the product documentation or reaching out to Sangfor support for assistance. They will be able to provide you with the specific steps to configure the "X-Forwarded-For" header on your Sangfor load balancer ADC.
isabelita Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2023 11:48
AWS Elastic Load Balancer: To add the "X-Forwarded-For" header on AWS Elastic Load Balancer, enable the "X-Forwarded-For" option in the load balancer configuration
Rica Cortez Lv2Posted 24 Oct 2023 11:48
Apache: To add the "X-Forwarded-For" header on Apache, add the following line to the VirtualHost configuration: "RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-For %{REMOTE_ADDR}e"
JoanaPatricia Lv2Posted 24 Oct 2023 11:48
NGINX: To add the "X-Forwarded-For" header on NGINX, add the following line to the server configuration: "proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;"

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