#Troubleshooting#VDI Specific Device Enable Issue

Murtaza Akbar Lv1Posted 18 Sep 2023 18:15

#Troubleshooting#VDI Specific Device Enable Issue
*Product Version
Product: VDI
Version: 5.5.0 EN
*Issue Description
We are facing an issue on the VDI VM at the user end, when we attach any portable USB Device with Sangfor VDI Physical Client, it’s not showing on the VDI VM or not detecting in Device Manager.


*Handling Process

We need to connect some additional devices with VDI VM, when we try to connect via USB it’s not showing in the device manager. that’s why we can use it . After some troubleshooting, we found the resolution, which is mentioned below.

After attaching the Physical device you can see the device manager status, the device is not showing in the device manager.


When you connect your additional devices via USB, you need to move your cursor Middle top of your screen and click on the highlighted option.


After that, Click on USB Devices.


You will see the device details which are connected Physically.


You can see your connected Device. You can also see the Highlighted VID: PID ID, you need to allow this ID in the policy Set, which will be located in VDC.
Login to VDC, and Click on VDI Option.


Select the Policy Set and select your Policy, My policy is USB-Allow.


Click on Virtual Desktop Options.


On the appearing window, Click on USB Devices Access àUSB Device Whitelist/Blacklist.


Mentioned below Window will appear:


Click on NEW and add your Device VID: PID

After entering your VID: PID à select Allow à Provide your Device Description and Click on OK.
Now you can see your Device has been allowed.


Go to your VM Device Manager and you will see your device is available now in Device Manager.


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Murtaza Akbar Lv1Posted 18 Sep 2023 18:17
#Troubleshooting#VDI Specific Device Enable Issue
Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 21 Sep 2023 17:25
Very detailed solution. Thanks for your sharing.