Manage HCI 6.2 host via SCP 6.9

moazanjum Lv1Posted 14 Sep 2023 18:31

Scenario: SCP 6.9 (free version) deployed on HCI 6.2 host A and this host is managed by another SCP 6.2 (licensed), we have another HCI 6.2 host B which needs to be managed by the SCP 6.9 and been already added into this SCP v6.9. now when I try to apply license key file to this SCP, it gives an error mentioned in the screenshot...should I upgrade all 6.2 hosts & SCP 6.2 to atleast 6.8? or it is just the license problem?
2) What if I update or reinstall  host B to HCI 6.8 and move the SCP 6.9 VM to this host B from Host A and then apply SCP license to avoid below error?

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RegiBoy Lv5Posted 18 Sep 2023 13:26
The best you can do about this license issues is to contact Sangfor Support Team. They can help you with a manner of time.
Newbie517762 Lv4Posted 18 Sep 2023 14:58

As your case is a little complicated, to expedite the process,
I recommend reaching out to the Sangfor Support Team -
They possess the necessary expertise and can assist you promptly.

I hope that you are able to resolve the problem and kindly request that you share the final solution with us once the issue has been resolved.

Thank you.
moazanjum Lv1Posted 18 Sep 2023 16:44
I am in contact with Sangfor guys, they take a lot of time. i think licensing should be simple like VMware and other major players.

I will get back to you, meanwhile I am trying to reinstall host-B to HCI 6.8 and move the SCP 6.9 VM to this host-B from Host-A and then apply SCP license.   
engineer_baz Lv1Posted 19 Sep 2023 11:58
To manage a Sangfor HCI 6.2 host via SCP 6.9, you must first enable SSH on the host. To do this, log in to the host as the root user and run the following command:

systemctl enable sshd
Once SSH is enabled, you can connect to the host using SCP 6.9. To do this, open a terminal window on your local machine and run the following command:

scp -P <port> <user>@<host>:<file> <destination>
Replace the following values in the command above:

<port>: The port number that SSH is running on. By default, SSH runs on port 22.
<user>: The username of the user on the Sangfor HCI host that you want to connect to.
<host>: The IP address or hostname of the Sangfor HCI host.
<file>: The file on the Sangfor HCI host that you want to copy to your local machine.
<destination>: The destination directory on your local machine where you want to copy the file.
For example, to copy the file /etc/hosts from a Sangfor HCI 6.2 host with the IP address to your local machine, you would run the following command:

scp -P 22 root@ /tmp
Zonger Lv3Posted 19 Sep 2023 16:56
The error you're encountering while applying the license key to SCP 6.9 may indeed be related to the version compatibility between SCP 6.9 and the HCI hosts. It's advisable to upgrade all HCI hosts to at least version 6.8 and SCP 6.2 to the compatible version as well. This can help ensure that the software components are in sync and can communicate correctly.

whereas for second part, Upgrading or reinstalling host B to HCI 6.8 and moving the SCP 6.9 VM to this host is a valid approach to potentially resolve the license-related error. However, ensure that all components, including host A, host B, and SCP 6.9, are running compatible versions after the upgrades to avoid any further compatibility issues.
moazanjum Lv1Posted 19 Sep 2023 23:54
Thanks @zonger & @engineer_baz. Installed fresh HCI 6.8 on the Host-B, trying to migrate SCP 6.9 to Host-B which requires enabling SSH on Host-B, can you guys tell me default root password, I only know about admin username and password defaults. seems like so many things hidden regarding in Sangfor...

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