LAZADA e-gift Voucher in the store

RegiBoy Lv5Posted 13 Sep 2023 13:21

Hi Sangfor Admin and Team, Since Christmas Season is near and online shopping is trending, I would like to suggest to add in the Store the "Lazada e-gift Voucher".  It could be in the amount of 100, 300, 500 or 1000.

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Pat Lv4Posted 13 Sep 2023 13:23
This is a great gift especially for christmas seasons!
Christian Ni Lv1Posted 13 Sep 2023 16:10
Great suggestion. I hope it will be considered by the Admins
Mar Estonido Lv1Posted 13 Sep 2023 16:33
Voucher for Shoppee also.
CLELUQMAN Lv3Posted 13 Sep 2023 17:22
please make it for all region
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 13 Sep 2023 17:28
Agreed fully !
Kazuma Lv1Posted 13 Sep 2023 18:24
yeah, good suggestion
Brooker Lv3Posted 14 Sep 2023 11:11
This is relevantly nice suggestion. Advance merry christmas to all
BitCloud Lv3Posted 14 Sep 2023 23:26
Nice idea add also the tiktok because it is also trending.

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