[Ended] #Security Webinar# Are Your Branch Networks As Secure As You Think?

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Have you ever wondered how secure Your branch networks truly are? Unfortunately, recent studies indicate that they are not as secure as you'd like, with almost 30% of security breaches caused by weaknesses in branch locations. Full-scale security deployments at branches may not be practical, and relying solely on traditional gateways, routers, and firewalls is not enough to protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs). A more robust and cost-effective solution is needed.

In this session, we discuss why SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is that solution.

We will explain how Sangfor Access Secure, our powerful SASE solution, fortifies Your branch networks. We will share success stories showing how organizations have significantly improved their branch security posture using Sangfor Access Secure.

Whether You're an IT professional, network administrator, or business leader, this webinar will enhance Your knowledge on branch security. Join us so we can work together to build a more secure network environment for Your organization.

Key Discussion Points:
• Security risks faced by branch locations
• The importance of robust branch security in today's interconnected business environment
• Introduction to SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)
• How Sangfor Access Secure secures and optimizes Your branch connectivity
• Real-world success stories of enhanced branch security with Sangfor Access Secure


Allen Lim - Head of Security PMM



Attendees who stay till the end of the webinar will get a chance to win a US $20 (or equivalent in your local currency) Shopping Voucher. Winners will be contacted by Sangfor local team for prize collection after the webinar.
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Registered, thank you.
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This is going to be a fruitful session regarding network security. One can identify what security measures are configured and what are security gaps that needs to be addressed.
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