[Quick Start Video] has been released. More technical resource coming soon.

Ryan Lv1Posted 28 Sep 2018 20:17

Last edited by Ryan 10 Oct 2018 11:13.

After months of hard work and survey from partners and users, we technical support team are delighted to share with you our QSV Series (Quick Start Video) on Youtube Channel.  

Thanks to all the FAE involved in the recording.

Quick Start Video is designed to provide Sangfor product common configuration guidance for sangfor partners and end-user.

To help our customers (both Partner & EU) use Sangfor product well and easy, now 8 videos were released and we will release up to 20 ones in October.

You can find all the Quick Start Video in the SANGFOR TECHNOLOGIES Channel on Youtube or click on the link below.

IAM - QSV - Bridge Mode Setup (12.0.12)
IAM - QSV - Route Mode Setup (12.0.12)
IAM - QSV - Audit Policy Setup (12.0.12)
IAM - QSV - Bandwidth Management Setup (12.0.12)

NGAF - QSV - Bridge Mode Setup (7.5.1)
NGAF - QSV - Route Mode Setup (7.5.1)

HCI - QSV - VM Backup and Recover (5.8.3)
HCI - QSV - Nodes Clustering (5.8.3)
HCI - QSV - Virtual Storage Setup (5.8.3)
HCI - QSV - Migrate VMs from vCenter (5.8.3)

Coming Soon
IAM - QSV - Application Control Setup (12.0.12)
NGAF - QSV - IPSEC VPN Setup (7.5.1)
NGAF - QSV - NAT Policy Setup (7.5.1)
NGAF - QSV - Application Control Setup (7.5.1)
NGAF - QSV - IPSEC VPN Setup (7.5.1)
WANO - QSV - SANGFOR VPN Setup (9.5.1)
VDI - QSV - Create win7 Template (5.3.3)
VDI - QSV - Create VM (5.3.3)
VDI - QSV - Backup and Recover (5.3.3)
VDI - QSV - Join VM to AD domain (5.3.3)

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Muhammad Talha Lv3Posted 29 Sep 2018 12:37
Heads off for your hard work to release this. It will be much helping for our Presales engineers and will help customers also to understand the configuration.

Thank you Sangfor and team

Best Regards,
Muhammad Talha
Faisal Posted 19 Jul 2020 08:35
Thank you very much for the information ...

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