ES Manager security log backup

Abdul Hakim Lv1Posted 20 Jul 2023 14:58

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Hi, we are required to redeploy ES Manager server. how can we backup the security log? we only managed to download config backup. Is there any solution to download the security logs and other logs?

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what is this?
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Newbie517762 Lv4Posted 20 Jul 2023 15:34
You can filter security logs by log type, statistical period, and time and click Expand to further search for security logs by endpoint name and IP address.
You can click Export to export the search result.
Log\Secuirty Logs\
export log file.jpg
rivsy Lv5Posted 20 Jul 2023 16:24
You can directly click the export to excel
Farina Ahmed Lv4Posted 21 Jul 2023 15:48
Check Logging Configuration: Ensure ES Manager server is set up to log security and other relevant data.

Identify Log Locations: Find where logs are stored, typically in the "logs" directory of ES Manager installation.

Backup Methods:
a. Manual Backup: Copy log files to a backup location using tools like scp or rsync.
b. Automated Backup: Create a scheduled script to copy logs to a designated backup location.
c. Log Shipping: Send logs to a centralized system or another Elasticsearch cluster.

Retention Policies: Set up log retention policies to manage storage effectively.

Verify Backups: Periodically verify backups to ensure they are functional and contain required data.
CLELUQMAN Lv3Posted 25 Jul 2023 08:49
u can export the security log to excel file.

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