Admin Logs Suggestion

Tanveer Hussain Lv2Posted 28 Jun 2023 14:55

Hi Sangfor,

This is my highly valuable suggesion to add Admin Logs in Sangfor storage default, which can migrate later on Syslog Server but it should be in Sangfor storage to track the admins activity after configuration finalize. By this we can easily track the startup activity later if required we can move to syslog server.

Thanks and Regards,

Tanveer Hussain

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Newbie517762 Lv4Posted 28 Jun 2023 16:14

I believe that the IAG has limited storage space. It is generally advisable to synchronize logs to an external BI to increase storage space as and when necessary and to decrease the load on the IAG device itself.
Moreover, the External Report Center can assist organizations that use Sangfor IAG to enhance their network security posture, comply with requirements, and gain a better understanding of network activity.

Tanveer Hussain Lv2Posted 01 Jul 2023 20:00
That is not the main reason, this is main logs, if any changes done by any admin, it should be looking to revert back or to see what other admins doing regularly.