Sandbox Analysis: Strengthening Threat Detection with Sangfor NGAF

Newbie814512 Lv2Posted 23 Jun 2023 15:05

Sandbox Analysis:
Sangfor NGAF incorporates sandboxing technology to analyze suspicious files and URLs in a controlled environment. When Sangfor NGAF encounters a potentially malicious file or URL, it isolates and executes it within a secure sandbox environment. This controlled environment allows Sangfor NGAF to observe the behavior of the file or URL and detect any malicious activities or threats. By executing potentially malicious content in isolation.

Sangfor NGAF can identify zero-day exploits, advanced malware, and other emerging threats that may evade traditional security measures. The sandbox analysis helps to provide an additional layer of protection by detecting and blocking unknown and evolving threats before they can cause harm to the network.
During the sandbox analysis, Sangfor NGAF monitors the file or URL's interactions with the system, network, and applications. It captures and analyzes the behavior, including any attempts to modify files, make network connections, or exploit vulnerabilities. If the behavior is deemed malicious or suspicious, Sangfor NGAF can take appropriate action to block the threat and protect the network.

By integrating sandbox analysis, Sangfor NGAF enhances its ability to detect and mitigate sophisticated threats that may not be identified by signature-based or traditional security mechanisms. This helps organizations stay protected against new and emerging malware and provides a proactive approach to security.

For more details about what is sandboxing, how it works, and why it is important, you can refer to the introduction from Sangfor's official site.

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Hi Ann Max, thanks for introducing Sangfor sandboxing technology to other members.