How are microwaves used in wireless communication?

Max Teo Posted 07 Jun 2023 20:46

How are microwaves used in wireless communication?

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Faisal P Posted 07 Jun 2023 21:53

Microwaves play a significant role in wireless communication as they are utilized in various applications to transmit and receive signals over the air.

Microwaves are favored for wireless communication due to their high data transmission rates, wide coverage area, and ability to penetrate certain obstacles. However, line-of-sight communication and interference considerations are important factors in the deployment and performance of microwave-based wireless systems.

Newbie517762 Lv4Posted 09 Jun 2023 10:11
Microwaves are also used in wireless communication systems. They are a form of electromagnetic transmission used in wireless communication systems. The wavelength of microwaves ranges from one meter to one millimetre. The frequency varies from 300MHz to 300GHz. These are widely used for long-distance communications and are relatively less expensive.

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