#Troubleshooting#Unable to Extend C drive on VDI VM

Murtaza Akbar Lv1Posted 06 Jun 2023 17:52

#Troubleshooting#Unable toExtend C drive on VDI VM
Product : VDI
Version : 5.5.0 EN
Weare facing the issue to extend the C or windows OS  drive on VM,when we are Increase the VMDisk Space on templete its going to make the New drive rather than Extand the C or windows OS drive  .
·        Providethe additional space to VM and reboot the VM after reboot C drive is notextended and in Disk management its showing for new disk not for extend the OSdrive.

After Create the new VMor existing VM ,First you have to check the Disk mangement option.


Thereyou can see that we have a almost 150GB total space of C drive.But we need toincrease the Stroge of C drive,we have to go to the VM setting and increase thespace.


Click on Edit.


Hereyou can see that its 150 GB but we need to increase the Space,so click on diskand Increse the space and than press ok.
Andreboot the VM ,After Reboot go to the disk management Option.

Hereyou can see that additional space is showing after recovery partition.when wetrying to extend the drive ,option is grayout.
Thenyou have to go to the search bar , type cmd  à Right click on cmd àRun as administrator.



TypeDiskpart and than press enter.


Typelist volume and than press enter.


TypeSelect volume 2 which is Hidden volume and than press enter.


Typedelete volume and than press enter but it will not work due to protection.


Nowyou can see the error,that’s why we have to type , delete volume override andthan press enter.


Hiddenvolume successfully deleted,Now go to the disk management,and you can see thathidden partition has removed and extend option is available now.


Clickon extend Volume,


Clickon next,


Andthan Finish,


Nowyou can see that C drive extended to around 200GB .


Andyou can also verify in My Computer


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Murtaza Akbar Lv1Posted 06 Jun 2023 17:52
#Troubleshooting#Unable to Extend C drive on VDI VM
admin Posted 09 Jun 2023 10:09
Hello Murtaza, thanks for your sharing. It is a nice guide to help other members.
Alizaan Lv2Posted 17 Jun 2023 21:04
Thanks for sharing
Luc Lv1Posted 18 Jun 2023 16:41
This is actually useful as the screenshots as steps are easy to understand and follow.

However, the only downside I noticed was the grammar, punctuations and spacing in some words.

No matter, I understand the troubleshooting guide clearly

Thank you for this!
Faisal P Posted 20 Jun 2023 13:38

Thank you very much for the information. This article is very interesting to get
Extend C drive or windows OS.

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