Redemtion issue in Pakistan Region

Taha Kamal Lv1Posted 05 Jun 2023 12:55

Dear Sangfor Team,

Its been too long to redeem my points you have very few options for Pakistan region in this very few options I have requested my redemtions its already take 1 month after 1 month you returned my coins and said that in email
People in charge is dealing with redeem but I am not sure how long it will take. Please wait patiently.
after that email my coins returned and i select another vendor but facing same issue still not getting my rewards and now i see Pakistan region is not showing in you portal i have sent multiple emails on your portal but not getting any response please update after not getting any reward point from your portal  I limited my activities in your portal.
Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 06 Jun 2023 09:58
Hello Taha, we are always connecting with you via email about this issue. I'm sorry that the payment issue can't be solved at present. My card will be blocked whenever I want to check out the orders in both two websites. We provided you with two solutions but you insist on waiting. We need time to look for another website which is friendly for us to check out and ask for support when there is an issue at any time.