Redeem point for Pakistan

sumran Lv2Posted 04 Jun 2023 17:05

Dear Sangfor

I as a pakistani loosing interest in sangfor activities as i am not able to redeem my points .according to you i can redeem from amazon store but it is useless for us . Please resolve this issue as soon as possible so that we can take part in the activities

Thank you  
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 05 Jun 2023 09:59

I sympathize with your situation.

Faisal Piliang Posted 05 Jun 2023 10:28

I also sympathize with the existing situation

RegiBoy Lv5Posted 05 Jun 2023 11:00
Please contact support. You can use the chat features
Muhammad_Ali Lv1Posted 06 Jun 2023 11:50
Hopefully Sangfor will resolve this issue.
Jami Ullah Lv2Posted 29 Jul 2023 23:12
totally agreed with the suggestion.
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 14 Jan 2024 00:40
Contact with the JOJO