UDM SE and Sangfor NGAF with Sangfor IAM

Newbie821546 Lv1Posted 10 May 2023 17:40

Good day everyone. I hope you can help me with this one. Currently we have our Sangfor NGAF as our gateway connected to Sangfor IAM then connected to the core switch. We recently purchased an Ubiquiti Dream Machine SE as all our access points are also Ubiquiti. I'm just wondering what's the best setup for this one or what are your recommendations?
Muhammad Shiraz Lv1Posted 10 May 2023 18:13
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Zonger Lv4Posted 11 May 2023 05:28
There are different ways to set up the Ubiquiti Dream Machine SE with the Sangfor NGAF and IAM, depending on your specific network requirements and design. However, here are some general recommendations:

Determine the role of the Ubiquiti Dream Machine SE in your network: The Dream Machine SE is an all-in-one router, switch, and access point. You need to decide how to use it in your network, depending on your topology and requirements. For example, you can use it as a router behind the Sangfor NGAF, or as a switch and access point connected to the Sangfor IAM.

Configure VLANs on the Ubiquiti Dream Machine SE: If you plan to use VLANs in your network, you need to configure them on the Dream Machine SE. You can create different VLANs for different departments, users, or services, and assign them to the appropriate ports or wireless networks.

Configure routing and firewall policies on the Sangfor NGAF: Depending on the role of the Dream Machine SE, you need to configure the appropriate routing and firewall policies on the Sangfor NGAF to allow traffic to flow between the different networks. For example, if the Dream Machine SE is behind the NGAF, you need to configure a static route to forward traffic to the Dream Machine SE, and create firewall policies to allow traffic to pass through.

Configure authentication and access policies on the Sangfor IAM: If you plan to use the Sangfor IAM for user authentication and access control, you need to configure the appropriate policies to allow users to access the Dream Machine SE and its resources.

Monitor and troubleshoot the network: Once the network is set up, you need to monitor it for performance and security issues, and troubleshoot any problems that arise. You can use the Sangfor NGAF and IAM to monitor traffic, detect anomalies, and generate reports.