【Case Sharing】Correlated Policy Among ES, CC and NGAF

Newbie966169 Lv1Posted 26 Apr 2023 09:44

Hi, all,here are two cases regarding how to make correlated policy among ES,NGAF and CC,I hope it can help you.

Sangfor Correlated Policy Practice Guidance(CC NGAF)_v1.0.pdf

1.57 MB, Downloads: 567

Sangfor Correlated Policy Practice Guidance(CC ES NGAF)_v1.0.pdf

2.37 MB, Downloads: 575

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Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 26 Apr 2023 10:11
Thanks for your useful information.
Faisal Piliang Posted 26 Apr 2023 11:53
Thank you very much for the information ...
Farina Ahmed Posted 26 Apr 2023 18:34
Thanks for sharing such valuable post.
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 28 Apr 2023 16:01
Thank you for sharing this valuable guide
Benjie Lv2Posted 25 Jul 2023 11:43
Thank you for sharing
Jami Ullah Lv2Posted 25 Jul 2023 20:23
It's really helpful. Thanks for sharing.
Jami Ullah Lv2Posted 29 Jul 2023 18:55
can you please guide me if we can integrated 3rd party EDR with Sangfor NDR?

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