In SSL VPN virtual appliance, can we send one time login pin to user's email address?

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Yes, can send one-time login pin to user email address, this cool feature to secure the user authentication thought the VPN.
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Faisal P Posted 25 Feb 2023 19:21
Yes, you can send one time login pin to user's email address, in SSL VPN virtual appliance.
rivsy Lv5Posted 27 Feb 2023 09:14
Yes it can send to the email address
Jhazz Lv3Posted 27 Feb 2023 09:24
Yes email authentication is one of the option for that
HeavT Lv2Posted 27 Feb 2023 10:24
Yes it is a feature of email authentication security
Luih Miranda Lv3Posted 27 Feb 2023 12:00
Yes, it has an option for Email authentication.
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 27 Feb 2023 12:33
Yes It can
Pat Lv4Posted 27 Feb 2023 13:39
Yes, we can send one time login pin to user's email address
Farina Ahmed Posted 27 Feb 2023 15:47
SANGFOR SSL VPN simplifies the account/authentication by allowing administrators to do seamless combination with the LDAP/RADIUS servers and supporting SSO. SSO means you have to put one time password to login everywhere and hence your password will be secure. Yes you send one time login pin to user's email address.
Abdul Sami Lv2Posted 27 Feb 2023 16:57
Yes, the Sangfor SSL VPN virtual appliance allows you to send one-time login pins to user's email addresses. This feature can be used to ensure secure access to the VPN and to enable users to easily reset their passwords if they forget them.

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