Rewards in Philippines

IPs_ME Lv2Posted 22 Feb 2023 17:35

Dear Sangfor,
We hope to please put more rewards in the Philippines that is easy to redeem with coins not higher than 50,000+. Thank you

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rivsy Lv5Posted 22 Feb 2023 19:57
You can suggest an item on lazada, usually 49k points is equivalent to 3000php value of item
Faisal P Posted 23 Feb 2023 10:41
Very nice input.
Newbie517762 Lv4Posted 23 Feb 2023 16:40
Agree !
Jdc Lv2Posted 23 Feb 2023 17:15
yes please
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 23 Feb 2023 22:16
choose an item on lazada and send it to