SANGFOR aDesk VDI - Boosting Productivity with Windows 10

Sangfor Elsa Posted 20 Aug 2018 10:35

Sangfor announces the release of the new Sangfor aDesk 5.3.3, an innovative, flexible and secure end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure solution designed to drastically enhance productivity for all users. By expanding aDesk to optimize the Windows 10 experience, enabling one-click maintenance capabilities to shorten launch times and boost operational efficiency and securing your network through enhanced authentication and auditing features, Sangfor Technologies has made VDI synonymous with productivity for every user and device on your network.

VDI is becoming less of a buzzword and more of a necessity for every institution globally including government, education, health care, transportation, manufacturing and retail verticals. With organizations searching for ways to enhance productivity by expanding security, infrastructure and mobility, VDI is having its moment in the sun. The new Sangfor aDesk will boost IT efficiency and safety by offering several new and exciting server, desktop and storage virtualization features designed to increase overall productivity exponentially.

Developed with Windows 10 in Mind
With 400 million active Windows 10 users globally, Sangfor aDesk was developed with a focus on making the user experience more reliable, flexible and productive. Windows 10 is often employed in a mixed environment and supports most devices, enhancing flexibility in the workplace. Sangfor aDesk is a desktop cloud solution designed to take Windows 10 to the next level of productivity by:


•    Optimized for Windows 10 2D environment
•    Providing ARM & Intel based thin client
•    Multi-platform support (thin client, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android)
•    Seamless switching and optimized user experience in 2D and 3D environment
•    Expanding various GPU & vGPU solutions (for NVIDIA, M4000, K1, K2, M10, M60 GPU)
•    Virtual slicing technology based on a KVM open source virtualization platform


1-Click Maintenance

Knowledge workers spend an average of 41% of their time on discretionary tasks in a normal workday according to a Harvard University study. Migrating applications and data to the cloud allows IT administrators using Sangfor aDesk to minimize time spent on basic maintenance and upkeep and maximize productivity by:

•    Shortening launch period by 80%
•    Reducing virtual machine cloning to 5 minutes per 100 virtual machines
•    Enhancing IT administrator operational efficiency on the user interface by 80%
•    Monitoring intelligent diagnosis module in real-time
•    Reducing complexity of software updates and database refresh
•    Introducing white and blacklist capabilities for optimal application control

Safety and Security

With cyber-crime one of the fastest growing industries with an average of 180 million attacks per year globally, aDesk is more than just a secure web gateway and was developed with a strong focus on data safety and security. Centralized storage virtualization allows for advanced data protection and security risk visibility as well as reducing vulnerability to attack, downtime and financial loss by:


•    Offering enhanced internet access control solutions with multiple authentication, dynamic password, etc.
•    Offering real-time internet access management to monitor user behaviour
•    Enhancing restrictive and auditing options for exported files and data
•    Introducing customizable watermark capabilities

With Windows 10 anticipated to run 45.6% of all Windows systems by EOY 2018, now is the time differentiate yourself and your business by enhancing the already dramatically improved and popular product with Sangfor VDI aDesk 5.3.3, the newest virtual desktop infrastructure solution.

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