How can i assign volume from external SAN to VM

Muhammad Imran Lv2Posted 17 Jan 2023 14:50

I have to connect External SAN with HCI aCloud, i need additional disk in VM which is coming from  external SAN. VM is residing on vSAN.

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rivsy Lv5Posted 17 Jan 2023 15:33
You can set additional disk space for VM just power off the VM then configure the disk space then power on to active the new configuration
Jhazz Lv3Posted 17 Jan 2023 15:48
Configure it thru the "Management Interface" and "Overlay Network Interface (VXLan), just add the server name and ip address
Luih Miranda Lv3Posted 17 Jan 2023 16:02
You can edit the Datastore to add or reduce the storage of the specific VM then apply it then restart the VM.
Faisal P Posted 20 Jan 2023 10:06
Storage vMotion is the migration the files, that belong to a running virtual machine, residing on one discrete datastore to another discrete datastore.
Naomi Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 14:39
You can set additional disk space for VM
VanFlyheights Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:17
You can add new storage for this
BitCloud Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:24
Storage vMotion is the transfer of files from one discrete datastore to another that belong to a running virtual machine.
Noah19 Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:30
The VM is located on vSAN. All nodes in the HCI cluster have access to vSAN. We need to install a new drive from an external SAN (HPE MSA). There will be no benefit to editing an existing vSAN datastore.
Adonis001 Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:37
What is your main issues?

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