HCI, vinchin and snapshot

Vittore Zen Lv1Posted 16 Jan 2023 23:47

I'm testing vinchin backup solution on my HCI nodes.
I found a lot of problems about HCI snapshot and vinchin backup strategy.
Anyone that use vinchin and HCI snapshots can confirm or give me a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vittore, generally, it's not support to have a mixture of Vinchin snapshot and virtual disk based snapshot. So, you will only able to make the snapshot with Vinchin based or just purely HCI snapshot.

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rivsy Lv5Posted 17 Jan 2023 13:12
Can I ask what kind of backup and configuration you current setup right now?
Jhazz Lv3Posted 17 Jan 2023 13:16
Can I ask the screenshot of the problem encountered on the snapshot
Luih Miranda Lv3Posted 17 Jan 2023 13:40
Please share the screenshot of the error that you encountered upon testing.
Vittore Zen Lv1Posted 17 Jan 2023 19:48
HCI is configured with snapshots every 4 hours and retains the last 6 snapshots.
vinchin is configured as default.
I have already tried to turn off speedkit, so that the snapshot will not be kept on sangfor, and there will be no snapshot conflict.

If I remove all snapshot on HCI, make vinchin backup, then all works fine. But when HCI try to make a snapshot this don't do.

If I remove all snapshot in HCI, remove host from snapshot policy, then make vinchin backup, all works fine. But I I try to add host to HCI snapshot policy I get this error:

Naomi Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 14:41
What is your backup configuration right now?
VanFlyheights Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:16
That is not supported.
BitCloud Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:22
According to the error, it is not supported what your doing.
Noah19 Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:28
It is a foreign error, contact support please
Adonis001 Lv3Posted 22 Jan 2023 21:35
You must contact support if you can't resolve it.

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