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Sangfor Technologies is announcing the release of the new Business Intelligence Platform, powered by IAM and built to give you an intellectual and intuitive view of your organization as a whole, enabling superior and comprehensive risk management, informed decision making and IT value generation.

Business has two types of value generation: tangible value and intangible value. While tangible value is facts and figures, intangible value is often vastly underrated and also incalculable. Sangfor Business Intelligence increases the tangible value of a company by focusing on the intangible value, leveraging IT advancements to help organizations consistently deliver on promises of growth, envision the future through a comprehensive view of the present and by improving organizational capabilities like speed, collaboration and learning.

Change and growth is an inevitable consequence of advancing technology, but many daily network operation issues like complicated management, risk awareness, informed decision-making capabilities and value generation, remain the same. Sangfor Business Intelligence leverages giant computing advancements like IAM to give organizations the capability to make intelligent and informed decisions, making business more intellectual and intuitive by providing:
• A graphical view of all reports and logs and a user-friendly interface
• Keyword based analytics, flexible application customization and proactive risk assessment
• Decision making assistance with comprehensive bandwidth analysis, event awareness and real-time network status awareness
• Value generation through simplified bandwidth expansion/reduction analysis and reduction of organizational energy costs through general power consumption awareness

For more information about Sangfor Business Intelligence and how to increase the value of your organization through intellectual and intuitive development, please visit our Business Intelligence webpage introduction by clicking here.

Apply for a free demo:  Free Demo

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Thank you very much for the information ...