Sangfor NGAF integrate to Sophos XGS

jevilbar Lv1Posted 13 Jan 2023 07:59

Sangfor NGAF could not integrate IPSEC site-to-site VPN for Sophos XGS
RegiBoy Lv4Posted 13 Jan 2023 08:35
It can integrate IPSec site-to-site VPN because it is a standard protocol that all vendors is using. It just depends on the configuration.
rivsy Lv4Posted 13 Jan 2023 09:00
As of my last testing and review to the integration of Sangfor NGAF to Sophos XGS:
1. The Sophos Heartbeat function is not working in Sangfor.
2. Cannot integrated Sangfor Endpoint Secure to Sophos.
3. Separate management portal from Sangfor NGAF and Sophos XGS.
4. Many of the function is not working.
5. Sophos modules is not supported
Jhazz Lv3Posted 13 Jan 2023 09:48
Some of the functions is not working but can be integrated
Flordeliza22 Lv1Posted 13 Jan 2023 13:04
Maybe Sophos is buggy.
Josepina31 Lv2Posted 13 Jan 2023 13:19
It is possible to establish a site to site on diff vendor
Milagros Lv1Posted 13 Jan 2023 13:23
There were some issues when integrating in Sophos.
MarioC Lv2Posted 13 Jan 2023 13:24
Sophos is not stable in configuring Site to site vpn.
Pilita Lv1Posted 13 Jan 2023 13:26
You can contact the support of Sophos so that they can assist you.
Jigen87 Lv2Posted 13 Jan 2023 13:28
Yes you can configure site to site vpn on NGAF and to other 3rd party vendor