SD-WAN 4WAN lines Limit

ArsalanAli Lv2Posted 02 Jan 2023 15:06

Dear Sangfor,
                       We are using SD-Wan since last six months in our Large scale organization, We currently have 6 WAN services (including internet and data connectivities). but We can not able to add these lines in Sangfor SD-WAN service.
We have also open the case in Sangfor TAC-Support but got the reply that this is the limitation of SANGFOR SD-Wan (you can not add more than 4 WAN lines).

It is the Suggestion that Kindly add atleast 5 WAN lines, so that our issues and new branches can able to add in SDWAN


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rivsy Lv5Posted 02 Jan 2023 15:17
As of now the maximum WAN support is only 4 for the current Sangfor NGAF appliance
Jhazz Lv3Posted 02 Jan 2023 15:21
Max of 4 WAN ports as of now, the workaround is buying additional appliance to support the remaining 2 ports but it needs to be configure correctly with the first appliance to work properly.
ArsalanAli Lv2Posted 02 Jan 2023 17:56
our currently installed device is working properly on 4 WAN lines,
but some of our branches have the different vendors connectivity with HQ, thats why these branches are connected with GRE tunnel

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