how to deploy the edr agent by intune 5

Newbie418352 Lv1Posted 30 Dec 2022 18:05

hello i'm trying to deply the agent by using microsoft InTune. the are two ways for doing it: the first one is to trasform the exe file in to msi,;the second one is to transform in .intunewin file.
the proble is that on the console i can get several kind of exe files.  i have tried to get some difeerents, but the dstribution fails using msi or intunewin version file. somene can help me?

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Currently ES agent is not support installation using intone.
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rivsy Lv5Posted 31 Dec 2022 17:48
Intune deployment is just like Azure, maybe there will be a update coming from Sangfor Team about this since Intune is new
Faisal P Posted 02 Jan 2023 09:12

Process flow to create a .intunewin file
Jhazz Lv3Posted 02 Jan 2023 15:06
Maybe you can contact your local service provider to assist you on this since integration of Sangfor Endpoint Secure needs to be test before deployment
Newbie418352 Lv1Posted 02 Jan 2023 19:52
tks to all for the reply, but all the suggestion are already tried.
i know well intune, like the flow chart for example...
i have already tried to devolep the agent using the .exe file converted  in  in .intunewin extension, but it doesn't work; intune dashboard generate an error, that i have tried to ideintify by the related code, but it's a generic code.
meanwhile i have solved in this way:
i have downloaded the exe file  Agent installation on Phisical Machine Silent   .exe version
i have converted it in msi file whitout set any parameters,like /s or other
i have built a Security group form azure adding only devices .. u can do it directly form intune page.
i have add the app to deploy choising Line-of-business apps from the menu and adding the group created with de devices inside.
it works
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 03 Jan 2023 15:45
it was very complicated task
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 03 Jan 2023 17:30
Contact with local service provide then will give you proper solution
Farina Ahmed Lv4Posted 03 Jan 2023 18:28
Consult with your local ISP.
CptArmando Lv2Posted 03 Jan 2023 19:58
better to contact the ISP.
Cesar Lv2Posted 03 Jan 2023 20:04
call your ISP provider

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