Christmas Event

RegiBoy Lv5Posted 13 Dec 2022 12:40

Hi Community Admins,

I would like to suggest a Special Event like games or other event for Christmas Seasons. This event is limited time and the goal is to acquire little amount of extra coin for the members. This will also help the new users to gain more rewards. Hope the Admins will see this post. Thank you very much.

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CLELUQMAN Lv3Posted 13 Dec 2022 16:39
I agree. do Christmas event!
Newbie308427 Posted 15 Dec 2022 00:17
agreed it would be nice
fahadkhan125 Lv2Posted 16 Dec 2022 03:30
I agreed..
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 18 Dec 2022 13:53
great idea