#Troubleshooting # Sangfor HCI V6.3.0R2 aDeploy STP Warning

HWSD Lv1Posted 26 Nov 2022 00:21

Product Version
HCI 6.3.0_R2

Issue Description

After an aDeploy session you could get an alert message related to thenecessity to disable STP protocol.

aDeploy STP Warning message

aDeploy STP Warning message

Handling Process
Is it necessary to check configuration of switch ports connected to HCInodes and disable STP protocol or STP BPDU forwarding. It depends on yourswitch firmware and you have to control the related user manual. There was aspecific case when this alert remains regardless the STP configuration.

Check switch configuration for other settings that could generate packetwith a structure similar to STP. One of there is GVRP protocol (GARP VLANRegistration Protocol or Generic VLAN Registration Protocol). In the caseanalyzed we found GVRP active on the ports connected to HCI nodes. After disabilngthis procotol, on switch side, sDeploy stops to alert about STP.


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RegiBoy Lv4Posted 28 Nov 2022 08:56
Thanks for the sharing
Newbie517762 Lv3Posted 28 Nov 2022 09:23
Thanks for the information !
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 04 Dec 2022 13:00
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