NeTSec Lv3Posted 18 Nov 2022 19:47

Is there any way to auto Blacklist IP?

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You can configure the auto-blocking IP address if it is detected the high threat-initiated IP. But it only temporarily locks out the users but does not permanently blacklist the IP.
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rivsy Lv5Posted 20 Nov 2022 09:09
As of my experience "NO" but there is a work around like configuring the SSO so that the authorize user can be allowed in the network.
jetjetd Lv5Posted 20 Nov 2022 20:36
In my opinion, this is possible by creating a policy and block that specific IP.
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 20 Nov 2022 21:01
As per Sangfor TAC, it doesn't have the feature to autoblock IP because it can lead to a false positive result.
damulagski Lv3Posted 20 Nov 2022 22:21
Not a feature but can be possible within a policy
soneosansan Lv3Posted 20 Nov 2022 22:35
Maybe it is not possible to autoblock
nobitachou Lv2Posted 20 Nov 2022 22:38
configuring SSO will blacklist IPs specifically
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 21 Nov 2022 09:53

Pls use for authentication login to identify illegal users.
Naomi Lv3Posted 21 Nov 2022 09:54
no workaround for it because of high chance of false positive.
Happpy Lv3Posted 21 Nov 2022 09:59
For now not a feature of NGAF

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