false positive of Sangfor Engine Zero AV

Newbie226084 Lv1Posted 17 Nov 2022 17:04


I write to report a false positive of Sangfor Engine Zero AV for my program MaxAutoClicker.exe

Filename: MaxAutoClicker.exe
Detection as: Trojan.Win32.Agent.Vubn

MD5     e53803cadc9d81fac61991218447f93c
SHA-1   521b32f4dc4dd982d37cf8cde63374226e84c9dd
SHA-256 8d83ebafcba3215e92cd80993a3eabdfedc09494f023fea5ac5f838094518099

Download link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/maxautoclicker/files/MaxAutoClicker.exe/download

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Newbie233663 Lv1Posted 24 Aug 2023 22:44
Thank you for sharing!

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