NOTICE!! NEW Sangfor NGAF Firmware Lifecycle Policy.

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 20 Oct 2022 10:20

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Sangfor NGAF Firmware Releases

  • Each customer may purchase up to 5 years of TAC support services from the date of hardware purchase.
  • During the support period, customers are entitled to technical support services for supported official firmware versions, such as general inquiries, troubleshooting, hot patches, and version upgrades if available.
  • After 5 years from the date of purchase, the NGAF device will reach its End-of-Support (EOS). Customers will not be entitled to Sangfor TAC support services after the EOS date.
  • By default, each NGAF firmware version has a 3-year lifetime since its release date. The lifetime of some firmware versions may vary between 2 and 5 years depending on Sangfor’s business direction, technical planning, and customer experience considerations. For more details, please refer to the SANGFOR COMMUNITY for the End-of-Life (EOL) date of each firmware version.
  • After a firmware’s EOL date, customers need to upgrade to the latest supported version to be entitled TAC support services to ensure the best customer experience and support.

Note: These policies apply to all customers by default unless agreed otherwise.


Effective Date

The lifecycle policy will take effect for new projects PO after Sep 30th, 2022. For devices purchased before Sep 30th, 2022, Sangfor strongly recommends you check and upgrade the firmware to the latest supported version to get timely support. After Mar 31st, 2023, all EOL/EOS firmware versions will not be entitled to Sangfor technical support service.

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