Webagent. How does it work?

EvgeniyOlkov Lv1Posted 19 Oct 2022 15:34

I am just studying the Sangfor VPN and I have a question about webagent work. As far as I understand we use webagent when our HQ device doesn't have a static public ip.
I found this picture:
So, webagent server is a public server, isn't it? Is it work like DynDNS? Is it an external server? I am asking because I found some examples (this one for example) of configuration and the author uses the local mgmt address ( I think it doesn't make sense because this address is unreachable from the internet so it's useless for the branch devices.

Can someone clarify how should it work? Thanks!

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If you don't have a public static IP of your HQ gateway and you wish to establish the Sangfor VPN between branch and HQ.

What you need to do is to apply the WebAgent account from Sangfor, this you need help from Sangfor TAC support, finally you will get the WebAgent Server IP which is hosted by Sangfor.

If you have static public ip, in the configration section, you don't need to do anything related to webagent, the ip you typing in is simply your HQ gateway static public IP.
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Muizz Lv1Posted 19 Oct 2022 16:09
webagent is the IP address you use to connect from Branch to HQ, it must be reachable from your branch. Normally i use public IP.
EvgeniyOlkov Lv1Posted 20 Oct 2022 16:41
Still need some help with this question
EvgeniyOlkov Lv1Posted 21 Oct 2022 17:48
Any thoughts?
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 24 Oct 2022 12:10
No, WebAgent refers to the address of the dynamic IP addressing file in the Web
server, including the primary WebAgent and secondary WebAgent address.
Naomi Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2022 13:20
Web agent is the application used to connect through a VPN.
VanFlyheights Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2022 13:23
Contact Support for configuration guide if your struggling with answers.
rivsy Lv5Posted 24 Oct 2022 13:25
Did you check and try to use the ISP provided public IP to your current setup if can solve that problem?
Adonis001 Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2022 13:53
The agent will not work on Dynamic DNS
Noah19 Lv3Posted 24 Oct 2022 14:14
Contact support for faster resolving issues.

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