Configuring Basic DNAT 6 to 4

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# Configuration Guide# Configuring Basic DNAT 6 to 4
*Product: NGAF

*1. Introduction

1.1 Scenario

NGAF deploy as a internet gateway and connect a layer 3switch. Internal network have PC and server.
1.   ServerIP:
2.   InternetIP: 2003::1/64
3.   UserIP: 2003::2/64


1.2 Requirements
1.LANhas an IPv4 server that now needs to be released to IPv6 addresses for access.IPv6 functionality involving NGAF is NAT's 6to4. At the same time,corresponding application layer protection should be done.

*2. Configuration Guide

2.1 NGAF Configuration

Step 1. Enable IPv6 and IPv4 support. IPv6function is turned off by default. Please check“enable IPV4 and IPv6 support”in [System] - [General Settings] - [Network ].Turning on this function willrestart the device.


Step 2: Defineinterface and zone.


Step 3: Define Network object.

Go to Objects > Network Objects > Network Objects

Step 4: Configure NAT64.
Go to Policy > NAT

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