#Configuration Guide# How to Configure Basic Policy-Based Routing

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#Configuration Guide# How to Configure BasicPolicy-Based Routing
*Product: NGAF
*1. Introduction
1.1 Scenario
There are two ISP (A and B) for internet connection


1.2 Requirements
1. Internal user access to internet bankingwebsite (TCP 443) need go through ISP B.
2. Internal user access to internet need to gothrough the two ISP but the distribution is base on bandwidth proportion (Load balance: Round Robin)

*2. Configuration Guide
2.1 NGAF Configuration

Step 1. Interfaceand Zone Configurations:
• Interface that connect to internet which isEth1 and Eth2 need configure as WAN attribute
route interface, Next-Hop IP, line bandwidthand enable link state detection, add Eth1 and
Eth2 in the WAN zone.
• Define “LAN Zone” , configure eth3 to “LANZone”.

Go to Network> Interfaces


Step 2: Policy Route configuration
• Add source-base route, source select “LAN Zone”, destination IPselect all, destination

port: TCP 443, select interface eth2.

• Add a load balance route,source “LAN Zone”, destination IP select all, interface select

eth1 and eth2, load balance method select “Round Robin”.

Step 3. Static Route configuration
• Add in a static route , next hop IP point to eth2.

(The purpose to add in static route is to prevent policy route failed ,internal user still can access internet via static route.)

Step 4: Display all routes

Go to Network > Routes > All Routes

*3. Precaution
1. Link load-balancingroute interface must enable the link state detection function to achieve automaticline failure switching

2. Policy route isread from top to bottom.

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