#Configuration Guide# How to Configure Basic GeoLocation

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How to Configure Basic GeoLocation Filtering

*Product: NGAF

*1. Introduction

1.1 Scenario

A user has an external website and only needs to provide services for a specific IP address of a country (Philippines) and no other overseas users. The simple topology is as follows:


1.2 Requirements
1. The user's network has NGAF device.
2. Servers can be access externally by default

*2. Configuration Guide

2.1 NGAF Configuration

Step 1. Definea business object.
Goto Object > Network Object interface adds IP Address,as shown below:


Step 2. Configure the GeoLocationBlocking.
Go to Policies > Access Control> GeoLocation Blocking, theconfiguration is as shown in the figure:


Step 3. Verifythe validity of the policy. Use the IP address in Philippines to request access to the business system, the expectedresult is normal access.

Step4. Verify the validity of the policy. Use the Overseas IP address to request accessto the business system, the expected result is that it cannot be accessed.


Step5. Verify the validity of the policy:
Checkthe logs of the NGAF to confirm that there are log data that has been blockedfrom GeoLocation Blocking. Go to Policies> Access Control > GeoLocation Blocking > Blocked IP Addresses to check thelogs.The screenshot is as follows:


3. Precaution
1. If you need to know which country/region an IP belongs to in advance, you can go through
GeoLocation Blocking > Location Lookup to find out after querying.

2. The Location Lookup is fuzzy search. if the IP address is not in the database, then will match the nearest country/region.

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