IAM not verifying Endpoint Devices

Faris Khan Lv2Posted 27 Sep 2022 15:05

My IAM is not able to verify endpoint devices? mobile or PC device. it is stuck on verifying. any thing i need to check?

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Please try to update to latest FW:
IAG 13.0.47 (Stable release)

There are some improvement for this issue:
IAG V13.0.47 Release Notes.jpg
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Faisal P Posted 27 Sep 2022 22:35
If users have trouble, they might be able to resolve their issue. For details, see Troubleshoot endpoint verification for users
rivsy Lv5Posted 30 Sep 2022 09:23
Please check the configuration if properly config, IP address, if you are in the same network, firewall settings. You can check by ping test the endpoints
Newbie308427 Posted 05 Oct 2022 13:16
Having issue with all of endpoint devices i think we go with routing problem
Denny Chanditya Lv2Posted 06 Oct 2022 14:39
i think IAM detects devices with a hostname. you can try a computer with a hostname and check again on sangfor
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 10 Oct 2022 12:33
Please check the routing configurations or blockings/filterings
Naomi Lv3Posted 10 Oct 2022 14:12
Possibly the issue is routing.
VanFlyheights Lv3Posted 10 Oct 2022 15:09
IAG is can't see the endpoints because of a routing problem.
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 10 Oct 2022 15:21
routing issue
Adonis001 Lv3Posted 10 Oct 2022 16:04
Check the hostname of an endpoint and verify if the IAG can see it.

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