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Sangfor Jojo Lv4Posted 23 Sep 2022 15:26


Dear member,
I’m glad to share the good news that a new knowledge base platform has been launched. The new platform allows you to find localized documents more quickly and easily. Click here to know our new features of Knowledge Base.

Sangfor Support Community attaches great importance to the construction of a localized knowledge base and your satisfaction and user experience. Hereby, we would like to hear your voice about us. Take a few minutes to fill out a short survey before Oct. 25th.

Your Feedback and opinion count and do make a difference!


01. How to Join

Step 1: Fill in the below survey.
It will take you 10 minutes to finish. Please browse all questions before filling out your thoughts.

Step 2: Reply "Submitted" below this post.


02.  Feedback Rewards

5290058 拷贝.png Participation Reward: 800 coins for each participant
5290058 拷贝.png TOP 3 Excellent Reward: extra 600 coins (based on thequality of your feedback)
5290058 拷贝.png Lucky Rewards:
     1) 300 coins areawarded to the first 10 participantswho fill in the survey and then reply to this post.
    2) The last layer of the activitydeadline for effective response floor as the base, 10 participants from floor number 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%,70%, 80%, 90% and 100% will be awarded 100coins.
“For example, if the effective last layer is 88#, the first lucky winner is the 8th person who comments on this post. ”


03. Rules

1. One user for one account. Eachuser can only submit once, so please fill in the survey carefully.
2. This event is only available for members in Indonesia, Thailand and Italy.
3. All awards are repeatable. One person can getseveral rewards.
4. Participants must fill in the survey and reply to this post rewards.
5. Any cheating will be disqualified.
6. All the coins will be delivered to youraccount within 2 working days and can be checked in the system message at theupper right corner.



Award Announcement

Congratulations that the following participants get different coins for their participation.




- END -

Sangfor Jojo Lv4Posted 23 Sep 2022 15:37
Step 1: Fill out the survey.


Step 2: Reply "Submitted" below this post.
Sangfor Jojo Lv4Posted 23 Sep 2022 15:40
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 23 Sep 2022 16:12
Submitted overall good
Apriyanto Lv5Posted 24 Sep 2022 12:50
Dominic Hendro Lv4Posted 26 Sep 2022 12:37
Arham Rehman Lv1Posted 26 Sep 2022 13:37
Newbie451055 Lv2Posted 26 Sep 2022 15:31
done, submitted.
Newbie690879 Lv1Posted 27 Sep 2022 12:16
Submitted, done...
Bayu Widiantoro Lv1Posted 27 Sep 2022 13:34