IAG + Aruba Clearpass

idris Lv1Posted 22 Sep 2022 19:07

Any possibility integration IAG + clearpass?

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The SSO must be in Aruba ClearPass for the configuration, and the IAG is for the gateway.
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NeTSec Lv3Posted 26 Sep 2022 10:37
No conflict on that.
kmrnliaqat Lv3Posted 26 Sep 2022 12:38
no conflict on that
Farina Ahmed Posted 26 Sep 2022 13:50
Yes possible.


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rivsy Lv5Posted 26 Sep 2022 14:47
For the configuration the SSO must be in thr Aruba ClearPass and for the IAG is for the gateway
arjay Lv3Posted 27 Sep 2022 10:30
There's no conflict with that
RegiBoy Lv5Posted 27 Sep 2022 10:38
It doesn't have any conflict because they have different functions.
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 27 Sep 2022 13:01
I think no conflicts there
Faisal P Posted 27 Sep 2022 22:28
Yes it is possible.
jpbaltazar Lv2Posted 28 Sep 2022 08:10
You may contact Sangfor support and have a guide on how it can integrate it to the clearpass. But answer your question, it is possible!

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