Security Awareness Training and Education

mumtazmazhar Lv1Posted 09 Sep 2022 14:39

Important aspect of ensuring compliance.
All personnel must be trained.
Methodical approach in developing the program:
   Who is the audience
   What is the message
   What is the intended result
   What communication method will be used
   What is the structure and culture of the organization
Security awareness programs should consist of the following:
   Training (often administered online)
   Quizzes to gauge retention of training concepts
   Security awareness reminders such as posters, newsletters, or screensavers
   A regular schedule of refresher training

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Faisal P Posted 16 Oct 2022 23:10
Thank you very much for the information ...
mumtazmazhar Lv1Posted 02 Jan 2023 22:35
thanks to all of you

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