What makes Sangfor's NGAF different from others

Arham Rehman Lv2Posted 09 Sep 2022 13:05

What makes Sangfor NGAF different from others please discuss key points for pre-sales

1) Sangfor NGAF includes WAF feature

discuss more points below
Ali Jawwad Lv1Posted 09 Sep 2022 13:54
if we compare NGAF with Fortinet in fortinet you have procure/ buy forti analyzer for WAF solution but in NGAF you only but a license and enable on you ngaf no need to buy any hardware and one more important thing Fortinet use ASIC processor in their firewall but Sangfor use Intel processor.
jetjetd Lv5Posted 09 Sep 2022 14:04
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Sangfor’s Next-Generation Firewall eliminates 99% of malware at the perimeter
Sangfor’s Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a network firewall security device designed to filter and inspect network and application traffic for threats, secure the network environment from intrusion, and bring in security intelligence from outside the network. Sangfor NGAF is a truly secure, integrated and simplified solution, providing a holistic view of the entire organizational security network, with ease of operation & maintenance for administration.

NGAF is the world's first AI-enabled Next-Generation Firewall, fully integrated with Web Application Firewall and Endpoint Security products, providing all-around protection from all threats and powered by the malware detection and protection of Neural-X and Engine Zero.

Sangfor NGAF databased are automatically and proactively updated to keep your network and business safe from new, unknown and zero day attacks. You can install NGAF  on premise as a Network Hardware Firewall or on cloud as a Software (Virtual) Firewall. It is compatible with Sangfor HCI or VMware ESXi.
JasonCYP Lv1Posted 14 Sep 2022 10:47
Let me take this question with few key points

1. Sangfor NGAF got the AAA result from CyberRatings (Former NSS labs) in the Enterprise Firewall Catagory. We got top block rate 99.7% which is higher than PA(97.6%), Check Point(99%) and Fortinet(97.6%). Of course, much higher than Sophos, SonicWall and Watchguard.

2. Sangfor NGAF bulit-in Engine-zero AI malware detection engine which is recongized by Gartner as one of our Strength. This can both help defend the known and unknown malware threat

3. Sangfor NGAF offer WAF features just by activating the additional license. The difference of the WAF is Sangfor applied the WISE (Web Intelligent Semantic Engine). With this engine, it can detect and prevent not only known web-based attacks, but also 0-day web-based attacks. Unlike the same feature offered in Fortgate and Sophos, they just provide static signature based WAF. Except from that, WAF also offer passive vulnerability scanning to analyze if there is any vulnerability about the protected assets.

4. Sangfor NGAF offers "SOC Lite" feature set composed of Security overview, Asset management & discovery with mis-configuration and weak password discovery info, Ransomware specialized protection with attack consolidation, and Policy Optimizer. With all these features, security admin can easily understand their infrasturcture and asset info, quickly locate the top threat and security incident without search from raw security logs. All these features are in one single box without addtional licensing.

Hope this help
Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 14 Sep 2022 13:01

Please find below NGAF video linking for your easy introduction to customer: