Dark Mode for Sangfor

AisiEnzo2022 Lv2Posted 08 Sep 2022 10:16

Please consider adding dark mode in Sangfor website to adjust the appearance so it can reduce glare and give your eyes a break.

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Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 08 Sep 2022 11:19
Agree ! Admin please consider, thx.
Pat Lv4Posted 08 Sep 2022 12:48
Agree on this!
jetjetd Lv5Posted 09 Sep 2022 01:19
I hope it will be added on the next firmware update.
Karla Hong Posted 09 Sep 2022 11:08
Hi AisiEnzo2022 !Thank you for your suggestion, but due to tight IT development resources, this new function will not be scheduled in a short period of time. Until then, you can dim your computer screen

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