Sangfor Virtualization

Newbie420837 Lv1Posted 02 Sep 2022 21:09

Sangfor HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) is the new generation of cloud IT architecture that is built on the innovative 3rd generation, hyper-converged infrastructure platform.

The benefits of application virtualization are endless. Application virtualization is an effective way to implement and maintain their published applications for organizations and IT administrators, allowing them the benefit of installing an application once to a server, rather than on multiple desktops, making it easier to update applications and apply patches centrally. Using application virtualization also allows admins to effectively control application access, meaning administrators can easily modify access permissions to applications without altering anything on the user’s desktop. Users find the portability very useful, as they can access virtualized applications from thin clients or non-Windows devices, such as Android or iOS. The applications are immediately available, without waiting for time-consuming installations. If a device is lost or stolen, application data remains uncompromised, on the server. Finally, users find it easier to run more legacy applications, find it easier to run cross-platform Operations, and finally to bypass issues with conflicting anti viruses which often refuse to work together seamlessly.

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jetjetd Lv5Posted 02 Sep 2022 22:21
Hyper converged infrastructure also known as HCI is a next generation technology that combines compute, storage, networking and management resources into a predefined all in one solution. Sangfor HCI uses converged x86 servers which replace traditional, expensive, hardware, and complex infrastructure into a unified, robust, scalable, and simplified architecture. The entire solution can be deployed in just minutes with minimal manual operation required.
Arham Rehman Lv1Posted 03 Sep 2022 13:41
you forgot the best part which is security which makes HCI far better than others
Newbie517762 Lv3Posted 05 Sep 2022 10:56
Thanks for your sharing !
Faisal P Lv8Posted 18 Oct 2022 11:33
Thank you for your information ...

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