Issue #5 of Interview with Premium Content Creator @Kong Yeow Ong

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 26 Aug 2022 14:57

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In this interview, we present you to Kong Yeow Ong, who is a Technical Engineer. You can find him in the Community @KY, who has posted lots of troubleshooting cases about Sangfor products. We are glad to be able to show you some useful experience and we invite you to read more below:


5395599_30px.png   How long have you been in the Community? Which section of the Community do you like best?

1177454_30px.png   I have joined the Sangfor Community for 3 years. My favorite sections of the community are Knowledge Base and Forum.


5395599_30px.png   Can you describe your work in detail?

1177454_30px.png   I’m working in the networking-related field and my job title is support engineer. My job responsibility is more to help customers to solve their issues.


5395599_30px.png   I see that most of the articles you shared are troubleshooting cases. Do you usually have the habit of analyzing and summarizing problems?

1177454_30px.png   The point I choose to write KB case is because I hope others can refer to my case when they face issues. So that I will write down all useful troubleshooting steps in the KB case for others so everyone can have troubleshooting knowledge.


5395599_30px.png   What do you think is the biggest difficulty when writing a troubleshooting case? How do you overcome it?

1177454_30px.png The biggest difficulty that I think others will face is troubleshooting ideas. In fact, it is not difficult to write a knowledge base, but it is more difficult to have some troubleshooting ideas first. So I will suggest checking the knowledge base first if you don't have a clear idea of what to check.


5395599_30px.png Do you have any good experience in configuration guide writing that youcan share with other newbies?

1177454_30px.png   The first thing is to build up troubleshooting ideas beforewriting or troubleshooting issues.  Ifyou don't have an idea about the issue facing, you can search online to gainsome knowledge and ideas first. Alternatively, you can form a habit ofrecording the daily issues you come across in MS Form.

Secondly, try to make your content much clearer and moreunderstandable to the readers by writing some detailed steps or you can referto the writing template of Sangfor troubleshooting cases.

Lastly, some high-risk operations can remind again, so that otherswill take note of this.


5395599_30px.png   Do you have any advice or suggestions on the “Content Creator Program”?

1177454_30px.png   The original intention of this plan is very good, and it can encourage other users to share their use and troubleshooting experience with others. To push others to join this program, maybe the host can give more rewards and of course, other also need to follow the rules to provide useful KBs.



If you have posted a featured article or more than three original articles such as configuration guides or troubleshooting cases about Sangfor devices or products, welcome to apply for this interview.

Join this interview will reward you:
  • 2000 coins
  • Personal Branding (Premium Character Interview)
  • Get achance to be displayed in “Hall of Fame”
  • Spreading your articles

If you are interested in having this important role in our Community, you can search “Content Creator Program” in Community to join us.



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Excellent sharing! There are many role models in our community to learn from.
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