Issue #4 of Interview with Premium Content Creator @Jun Sheng Low

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 26 Aug 2022 14:06

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In this interview, we present you to Jun Sheng Low, who is a Technical Engineer. You can find him in the Community @Jun_Sheng17, who has posted lots of troubleshooting cases about Sangfor products. We are glad to be able to show you some useful experience and we invite you to read more below:

5395599_30px.png   How long have you been in the Community? Which section of the Community is your favorite?

1177454_30px.png   I’ve been in SangforCommunity for around 2 years since I started working in Sangfor in June 2020.For me, my favorite part of Sangfor Community would bethe Resourcesand Knowledge Base as I always get useful info for variousSangfor products.


5395599_30px.png   Can you describe your work in detail?

1177454_30px.png   My role in Sangfor is aTechnical Support Engineer, specializing in HCI and SCP products. Sometimes I handle othercloud and security products as well. My duty is to provide technical support toglobal partners and customers to solve their technical difficulties when usingSangfor products.


5395599_30px.png   I see that most of the articles you shared are troubleshooting cases. Do you usually have the habit of analyzing problems and summarizing them?

1177454_30px.png   Yes. I usually willsummarize the case-handling method in a KB format and try to help people as manyas I can. In my opinion, writing troubleshooting articles can not only buildup my analyzing skills, but also help people solve problems without having tolog a support ticket, which can help them save their time and solveproblems more efficiently, more importantly also help them build up theirtechnical skills in Sangfor products.


5395599_30px.png   What do you think is the biggest difficulty when writing a troubleshooting case? How do you overcome it?

1177454_30px.png   When writing atroubleshooting case, most importantly I will need to ensure the title that Iselected is relevant and understandable by readers (Try to avoid jargon).
To overcome thedifficulties, I will first doubly check my content to make sure everything isokay, and let my colleagues review it as well before publishing my articles.


5395599_30px.png   Do you have any good experience in configuration guide writing that youcan share with other newbies?

1177454_30px.png   For me, I would recommendpeople getting more in touch with Sangfor products and try to solve the problemby themselves before looking for support. Once the problem is solved byourselves, we will gain experience and skills. With such experience, we canunderstand more about the issue and write a better-quality of troubleshootingarticle.


5395599_30px.png   Do you have any advice or suggestions on the “Content Creator Program”?

1177454_30px.png   I personally think that a knowledge base sharingplatform should let users easily look for the information and resource thatthey want. Hence, besides focusing on the number of articles, the quality ofthe content also needs to take controlled to make sure our articles are reallyuseful for our readers.


推荐阅读 2.png




If you have posted a featured article or more than three original articles such as configuration guides or troubleshooting cases about Sangfor devices or products, welcome to apply for this interview.

Join this interview will reward you:
  • 2000 coins
  • Personal Branding (Premium Character Interview)
  • Get achance to be displayed in “Hall of Fame”
  • Spreading your articles

If you are interested in having this important role in our Community, you can search “Content Creator Program” in Community to join us.


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Newbie517762 Lv5Posted 30 Aug 2022 10:01
Thanks for your sharing !
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Jun_Sheng17 I love his sharing! Thank you jojo.
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Appreciate it. Thank you!
Farina Ahmed Lv5Posted 26 Apr 2023 18:53
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Thank you for the insight